A Current Project Increase Mission Organization is called JACE (Jamaica Community Enrichment Foundation) is a volunteer organization dedicated to enriching Jamaican communities through their schools and schoolchildren. 


JACE's focus has been on mentoring and reading with students, both individually and in the school setting, who are performing below their grade level. Volunteer assist teachers and community members who staff a local homework center in the rural community of Pell River, Hanover.  It was noticed rapidly that since a portion of the school costs were not able to be covered by all families... (Books/Lunch/Supplies/Extra Curricular) - Some students had poor attendance or dropped off from coming on regular basis, and a scholarship program was started. 


Now, more than 25 students attending numerous schools in the area have benefited directly from financial assistance to make it possible for them to continue attending school. 



In addition to cash donations to the JACE scholarship program through Project Increase, JACE is hoping and praying for donations of school supplies, especially beginning September 2023:


#2 pencils (plain and decorative)


Mechanical pencils


Colored pencils


Pencil erasers (rubbers they’re called in Jamaica)


Pencil sharpeners




Dry erase markers


Crayons (24 in a box)


Ink pens – blue and black ink


Glue sticks




Paper folders


Geometry sets (called math sets in America)


For more specifics or JACE information contact Gayle Diggins, she is also a long time board member of Project Increase, at 651-253-2900.