Jamaica Community Enrichment Foundation (JACE) for short. Many families in the rural areas that we serve are very poor, have several children in school, and are humbled and grateful for anything we and the Lord can do to assist them.


JACE continues to focus on literary and education in the rural areas of Hanover, Jamaica. Over the years our experience has taught us that being able to read is critical at any age level, but if we can give a boost to the younger ones they excel at a much greater rate. That being said, we continue to mentor and read with all ages of students - many outside of the school complex. The current health situation all over the world has also been felt in Jamaica. Schools were closed in the early spring, classes continued through internet where available, and graduations were held virtually or by drive-by events (not unlike here in the US). Schools are preparing to reopen in the fall with many stipulations, and the educators are doing their best to work with the COVID protocols. At this time JACE does not know if we will be invited back into the school setting to continue our literary reading program, but I am confident that through the Lord’s grace our program will continue.



Four students graduated from high school this past spring who had been recipients of the JACE Scholarship award. We’re so proud of all of them! Our Scholarship program continues to grow, and we now have space for 6 new scholarship recipients. These awards will be given in the second term of school when we are able to safely conduct home interviews with families and students.



An exciting growth in our JACE program has been the outreach into the community of Pell River in Hanover. JACE has joined with two local pastors and other community leaders to provide books and bookcases to start a library that benefits several rural communities. We provide school supplies, donated laptop computers, and volunteer time at the Homework Center. It is so exciting to partner with the Pell River Community Development Committee to help enrich the lives of all who live in the area.